This effort began as a way of keeping myself busy with a purpose other than just random shooting. Adamson Square in Carrollton, GA,

contains an assortment of locally owned businesses from consignment stores to jewelers to a multitude of restaurants. My goal with this

project is to capture people in pairs around the square both in and out of these various businesses. Sometimes the image contains

more or less than two people. On occasion, there is only one live person in the image but there is something else in the image that ties

in with the person such as a statue or an advertisement containing another person. Other times there are two pairs of individuals that may

or may not be linked. And, finally, sometimes there are three people in the photograph but only two are tied to one another by pose or

other interaction. I guess what I am saying is sometimes I might be the only one to see the connection and, for me, that is alright. This is an

ongoing project that will get new images as I happened to capture them on the streets of the square.

Unless otherwise noted, all images and layouts are © Richard Owen