My adventures in photography began later than most but, from an early age, I was interested in drawing and art. I just never had anyone mention photography as a direction to go. I had several art teachers in high school that gave me inspiration to pursue an artistic career. However, when I arrived at a junior college, I found people who truly had artistic talent. So I ended up changing to an engineering course of study but I was so far behind everyone that, after one semester, I joined the US Navy and became a submarine sonar technician. Shortly afterwards, I go married and a family was started.

In the early years of my married life, I imposed on my lovely bride to do some modeling for me like any husband who was in love with the woman who had agreed to marry him. During my Navy time, I documented my family life using small point&shoot cameras, polaroids, etc., but nothing that was serious.

Fast forward eight years and I got out of the Navy, married with three children and family responsibilities. Still, I had never thought about pursuing photography either on a personal or professional level. Then, on my 30th birthday, my wife let me pick out my first SLR. I choose an Olympus OM-10 with a 1.8/50mm Zuiko lens. That was the start of an obsession to understand the medium. I began to study the old masters to see what I could learn.

In the years since, I have sought to garner as much technical knowledge as well as develop my artistic side. Eventually, in 1998 after my kids had grown and left the nest, I quit a fulltime engineering position to pursue my photography. At the same time, my wife and I decided a change of location was needed and we moved to a Florida beach. I made some money commercially doing event photography along with the occasional portrait and wedding work but my desire was to work as a news photographer. I walked into the Walton Sun, a one-year old weekly in Walton County, FL, and started providing news, sports, and feature images on a per photo basis. That association progressed to contract photographer and, in 2005, I was offered the position of staff photographer. For me, this was a dream job. Not a lot of money but I got to, as I told people, go "play" every day. Over the next three years with the Sun, I shot everything supporting the reporters and advertising staffs. I witnessed the joy and sorrow of the communities we served and provided a service to the community that was not there before. This lasted until 2008 when layoffs began as a result of the recession and I returned to engineering to pay the bills.

After the layoff and, for the next four years, I continued to shoot local events and high school sports for self assignments. A number of sales resulted from this effort but I longed to be shooting fulltime instead of working in an engineering position that no longer inspired me. Then, in 2012, I was laid off from the engineering firm (be careful what you wish for). My wife and I decided it was time for another location change and we moved to Carrollton, GA, splitting the distance between our son and daughter.

My style of photography has not changed much over the years. The work of the early photojournalists such as Cartier-Bresson, Chim, Doisneau, Ronis and Capa among others inspired me from the early start of my photography and continues through today. With the change in job status, I know that is now too late to develop much of a following for my images. After decades of shooting to try to make money from my creative pursuit, I am just going to enjoy shooting and documenting my new local area in northwest Georgia.

This website contains images from as early as 1970 to today and projects that I am currently working on are constantly being updated. If you see something on my site that generates your interest for a print, please see the PRINTS section of this website.


Florida Press Club first place, News Photo Essay, Class D, 2007, individual award
Florida Press Association first place, Photo Series in one issue, 2006, individual award
Florida Press Association second place, Community Service, 2006, individual award
Florida Press Club first place, News Photo Essay, Class D, 2006, individual award
Florida Press Association first place, Feature Photo, 2005, individual award
Florida Press Club first place, Spot News, Class D, 2005, individual award
Florida Press Association, honorable mention, Sports Action Photo, Division B, 2005, individual award
Florida Press Association first place, General Excellence, Division B, 2003, staff award
Florida Press Association second place, Sports Feature Photos/Story, 2003, individual award
Florida Press Association second place, Feature Photo, 2003, individual award
Florida Press Association third place, Sports Action Photo, 2003, individual award

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