From 1999 to 2014, I was fortunate to cover the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in the Florida Panhandle. Starting with the first festival in 1999,

the event moved from the resorts of Seaside to Gulf Place to Watercolor to Seascape back to Gulf Place and, finally, to Panama City

Beach at the amphitheater near the Pier Park shopping complex. The first event had several hundred jazz fans but grew quickly as word

got around about the festival, the artists, and the venues. In 2014, there were 7,500 fans per day over the four-day festival. The

festival organizers, Mark and Renee Carter of Seabreeze Radio 106.3 FM, continue to get top smooth jazz talent to the festival each year.


For more than a year, I edited trying to produce a book of images from the initial 14 years of the festival. But every time I do an edit

of the images, there seems to be something missing. I started playing with a few of the images from 2012 using computer manipulation.

I found a way to change the images from standard camera images to something that emulates a pinhole camera. All of the images in

this gallery were produced with that software. Taking the standard preset and manipulating it to suit my tastes, the images finally seem

to have that feeling that I get when I am at the festival. The book, containing over 300 images and titled "Sweet Sixteen", is available as a PDF file.

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